How to Buy

How to order Atomy products and get the lowest price

Congratulations on wanting better health, better skin and a better life. Atomy has a full line of top quality daily essential products at the lowest possible price with an opportunity to earn commissions and other rewards simply by referring others to try Atomy.
Here is the opportunity in a nutshell: Each Atomy product has a Point Value, also called PV. For example one Foam Cleanser is 5k PV. Once you personally accumulate 10K Personal PV or more then Atomy’s computer will start accumulating points from those that join under you and purchase products from Atomy. With Atomy you have 2 groups, a left and a right group, which can have an unlimited number of people from any country Atomy is in. (Atomy is currently in the USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines and now Malaysia). To start, once each group accumulates 300k PV, Atomy pays you a commission.

Don’t brush off what this could mean. This works like compounding interest in the bank. It might look small at the beginning but as more people join and as they join others you accumulate their PV which can lead to a weekly residual income that you didn’t earn by yourself. Technically you could only have to tell 2 people about Atomy and they could run with it and tell thousands. Or you could personally tell 100. The power comes in as the people you share with share with others. Atomy started in 2009 and they just promoted their first Crown Master making a very good income. Of course what you can earn totally depends on the number of people buying Atomy products in your 2 groups. But wouldn’t even a few hundred USD per month extra be nice? And with Atomy there are no personal monthly purchase requirements to earn commissions.

Reasons to buy only on Atomy’s website:

  1. You get the lowest price directly from Atomy’s website. If you see any Atomy products sold online they are simply people buying from Atomy and marking up the price. For example I’ve seen the 4 tubes of 50g toothpaste that Atomy sells for $5.30 USD being sold for $15. Or even people selling one toothbrush out of the box of 8 that that sells for $9 USD and sell each one online for $10.00. I guess it shows the value of Atomy products and what people are willing to pay but I really hate to see people taken advantage of.
  2. You accumulate the Personal PV. These personal points always accumulate and never go away as long as you buy at least one product a year. This also allows you to earn commissions and rewards as stated above.
  3. You are assured the products are authentic Atomy products.
  4. You are assured the products are not expired or expiring soon.
  5. When you buy directly from Atomy you get a 100% money back guarantee.

Follow these steps to get started and order directly from Atomy:

  1. To get your free Atomy ID you need to either Join under our group or get in contact with the person that talked to you about Atomy. (There is no cost or any required products to purchase. You just buy what you want, when you want.)
  2. Once you have your Atomy ID go to the Atomy site for your country: Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, USA and click on Shopping Mall.
  3. At the top of the Atomy screen you will see the product categories like HemoHim, Health Care, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, Food. Now click on one of these categories.
  4. Simply click Add to Cart to add items to your Shopping cart. Once you are finished press Shopping Cart or BUY ALL NOW at the right.
  5. On the Fill out your order form the Sales Date selection is only important to change if your sponsor wants the purchase to be registered on a specific date. Otherwise just keep it to what it defaulted to. It has nothing to do with when your products will be shipped. Sender is optional and can be the actual person sending the items. Now complete the form and press Continue.
  6. Complete the payment information, press Pay Now and you’re good to go.