Looking for some extra income, A part time job or even a full time career.
Do you enjoy sharing?
If you've tried Atomy products and love them as we do, then sharing comes naturally and when you share Atomy products with your friends, Family, Co-Workers etc. you have an opportunity to earn additional income for yourself and your family.
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What makes Atomy different?

There are a lot of networking marketing companies out there so what is it that makes Atomy stand out from the rest?

No Membership Fees

Most other networking marketing companies require you to pay a joining or membership fee. In fact, this is the way some other companies make their money. But Atomy is different in that there is no costs involved to join the company. It is always free.

No Monthly Purchase Obligations

Another feature of most other network marketing companies is the fact that they require you to make regular monthly purchases of a certain amount in order to maintain your membership. Again, Atomy does not require this. This begs the question. How then does Atomy make money? Simply put, for them to be able to succeed using this model, they would have to ensure that the quality of their products are of the highest standards. Why else would people continue to purchase their products?

High Quality Products

Atomy believes in the quality of their products so much that they do not require customers to pay a joining fee or make regular monthly purchases. This point was indeed mentioned earlier but it is so important, it merits another mention here. We have personally used their products and seen tremendous improvements in our skin and health. Did we also mention that Atomy backs its products up with a money-back guarantee?

Low Price

The network marketing model ensures that Atomy is able to bring quality products to the market at the lowest possible price. Other companies inflate the prices of their products in order to generate huge returns but Atomy does not believe in that. Atomy believes that the consumer always comes first and that it is in their interest to help the consumer succeed. They have, therefore, set a low price for their high quality products to put it within reach of the masses.
​This is their concept and strategy of masstige (mass + prestige).

International Reach with One Membership ID

Atomy has streamlined the logistical and backend infrastructure of their company for the benefit of their customers. Their software system is linked across all offices around the world. As such, once you join and receive a member ID, that same ID can be used across the world when getting people to join you.

Atomy Marketing Plan

Mastership Promotions and Incentives

Not only do you get the Daily Commissions as stated above, there are 7 Masterships you can achieve with Atomy.
​Once you reach a certain Mastership you get a one time bonus of the following:
  • Sales Master – Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
  • Diamond Master – Laptop Computer, Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
  • Sharon Rose Master – 2 Million KW Cash (Approx. $1,800 USD), 2 Travel Tickets
  • Star Master – 10 Million KW Cash (approx $8,900 USD), 4 Travel Tickets
  • Royal Master – 50 Million KW Cash (approx $44,500 USD) , 2 Million KW credit per month (approx $1,800 USD), Car rental, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (4 nights and 5 days)
  • Crown Master – 300 Million KW Cash (approx $267,000 USD), 5 Million KW credit per month (approx $4,400 USD), HyunDai Equus 380 or equivalent, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)
  • Imperial Master – 1oo0 Million KW Cash (approx $900,000 USD), 10 Million KW Cash per month (approx $8,900 USD), Hyundai Equus Limo or equivalent, an office of 165 square meters with a personal secretary, a chauffeur, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)

Mastership Bonus twice a month

Twice a month you will receive a cash bonus based on your qualified Mastership level. The way it works is that Atomy calculates the total company PV for that half of the month and multiplies it by the Mastership level percentage (Sales Master is 10% for example) and divides it by the number in that level of Mastership. So for example say you are a Sales Master and the total company PV for 15 days is 5 billion. They take 10% of 5 billion which is 500 million and divide it by the number of Sales Masters which is say 1,000 and that equals 500,000 Korean Won which is about $445 USD per Sales Master twice a month.
Since there are fewer people as the Mastership level increases, the percentage decreases, so most of the PV goes to the Sales Masters. The percentages are Sales Master 10%, Diamond Master 5%, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master .3%, Imperial Master .2%.
If you don’t meet the qualifications the following 2 week period you keep the title but you don’t get that level’s bonus but you do get the bonus you do qualify for if any.
Your personal PV never goes away and always accumulates. There is no need for you to keep purchasing products just to receive your commissions like in other companies.

Atomy Marketing Plan in detail

Joining Atomy

To join Atomy please get back to the person that talked to you or simply click here and we will provide you with a sponsor.