Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dish Detergent

Atomy Dish Detergent’s natural plant based formula creates powerful washing and natural antibacterial effects (99.9% E-coli eradication) while also having natural biodegradable effects.
High concentrated organic dish soap, one drop will do the job!
No need to dilute in water.
Patented technology in mixing raw natural herbal ingredients remove tough grease.
Used calamansi extract, which has 30 times the vitamin c of lemons to make your hands feel hydrated even after washing.
Recognized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare Korea as a Class 1 dish detergent.
Can use for washing fruits and vegetables.
Wash with Relief!

Singapore Price: SGD 13.50 (Member: SGD 10.00)
Malaysia Price: RM 35.00 (Member: RM 27.35)


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