Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dish Detergent

Atomy Dish Detergent’s natural plant based formula creates powerful washing and natural antibacterial effects (99.9% E-coli eradication) while also having natural biodegradable effects.
High concentrated organic dish soap, one drop will do the job!
No need to dilute in water.
Patented technology in mixing raw natural herbal ingredients remove tough grease.
Used calamansi extract, which has 30 times the vitamin c of lemons to make your hands feel hydrated even after washing.
Recognized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare Korea as a Class 1 dish detergent.
Can use for washing fruits and vegetables.
Wash with Relief!

Singapore Price: SGD 13.50 (Member: SGD 10.00)
Malaysia Price: RM 35.00 (Member: RM 27.35)

Liquid Detergent

Contains three natural cleansing elements:
Quillaia, Soapberry, and Soapwort extract.

Powerful removal of stale dirt:
Safe removal with baking soda and plant-based surfactant.
Natural pine needle extract is included to decrease skin irritation and increase washablilty.
7 Harmful ingredients NOT added. (such as artificial color and fluorescent whitening agent, as well as preservatives)

Singapore Price: SGD 20.30 (Member: SGD 15.00)
Malaysia Price: RM 48.00 (Member: RM 37.75)

Fabric Softner

Plant-based softening agents extracted from palm trees and cotton make fabric safe and soft as natural cotton itself.
7 Harmful ingredients such as artificial color and fluorescent whitening agent, as well as preservatives, not added.
3 Times more concentration allows the fabric to have lasting softness with less amount. (Can be used up to 400 times.)

Singapore Price: SGD 18.90 (Member: SGD 14.00)
Malaysia Price: RM 45.00 (Member: RM 34.90)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Atomy Olive Oil Grilled Laver

Cultivated in the Shinan waters using eco-friendly electrolytic manipulation, which is developed to eliminate green algae in the laver farm, and prevent and cure laver disease, without organic acid.
Uses 100% extra-virgin olive oil which contains more single unsaturated fatty acids than general oils.
Uses Shinan sea salt with rich minerals, without adding chemical additives like L-glutamin sodium(NO MSG), for your health and safety.

Singapore Price: SGD 10.80 (Member: SGD 8.00)
Malaysia Price: Coming soon

Cafe Arabica Black

Rich and mild taste/smell is a result from using 100% Arabica Coffee bean.
By blending Brazillian FD coffee, and Columbian’s fine coffee powder, it delivers savory but sweet tasting coffee.
13% of fine coffee powder adds rich and mild flavor.
Only the finest coffee beans were selected.

Singapore Price: SGD 27.00 (Member: SGD 20.00)
Malaysia Price: Coming soon

Cafe Arabica

The Best 100% Arabica Coffee Beans and a Great value.
100% Arabica Coffee gives a deeper, softer taste and fragrance

Singapore Price: SGD 59.80 (Member: SGD 46.00)
Malaysia Price: Coming soon

Hand Therapy

Rose Water scent, Soft Poppy scent, Citrus Lemon scent, Shea Butter Silky scent.
Non-sticky. Fast absorbing. Clinically-proved.
Balanced with a multiple moisturizing effect.
Formulated Aqua Micro-network to keep maximum moisture.
Velvety soft cream to deeply moisturize every time you apply.
Really good for presents.
Main Ingredients: Niacin amide(Vitamin B3), Rose Water, Poppy Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Gel

Singapore Price: SGD 26.00 (Member: SGD 20.00)
Malaysia Price: Coming soon